5 Best Day-Use hotels at the Dead Sea

The Definitive List of Day-Entry at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is an unavoidable place in Jordan. It is the lowest point in the world at -430m below the sea level. This place is famous for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits thanks to the Dead Sea minerals and the dark mud.

Why enjoy a dip in the Dead Sea through a hotel or a private beach?

First of all, accessing the Dead Sea outside of hotels can sometimes be difficult due to the stony shore. Additional disappointment comes when you unfortunately stumble upon the occasional trash laying around. Hotels, on the other hand, offer a clean and private sand beach access to the Dead Sea.
The clear water showers made available by hotels and private beaches come in very handy after a dip in the extra salted dead sea. You’ll be thankful to hop under fresh unsalted water, believe us.
And finally, you can enjoy the perfect weather lying on a sunbed around the hotels swimming pools. 🙂

Want to give it a try? Here’s our top pick of day-entry:

1. The most affordable: The Dead Sea Spa Hotel

This is the most affordable hotel for the day-entry at the Dead Sea. There are four different pools including 2 for kids and a private beach access to the Dead Sea. Don’t expect a 5 star service, but the Dead Sea Spa Hotel is definitely one of the best options for the small budgets.

2. The view: Oh Beach Resort

One of the most affordable day-pass for the Dead Sea, Oh beach offers a wonderful infinity pool and private access to the sea. You have the option to add the lunch option (buffet) for an extra 15 JOD.
The place need a bit of maintenance but it is acceptable for a one day stay.


3. Best Value for Money: Holiday Inn

This is the closest hotel from Amman. Regarding the price and the hotel, this is the best quality/price day-use. You’ll access the Dead Sea through a nice and easily walkable sandy beach. You also have the possibility to take the entry with the lunch for 15 extra JD.


4. Spa & Wellness : Mövenpick 
Movenpick at the Dead Sea is well known for its excellent spa! There are several swimming pools, some of which feature different mineral concentrations, including a heated pool for winter. A wide private beach runs along the Dead Sea shore.


5. Luxury break: Marriot

If you are looking for quality, you can go for the Marriot! This 5 stars hotel is our favorite place with an indoor pool filled with Dead Sea water and 3 outdoors pools. There is a private beach access to the Dead Sea where you can find black mud to get the best out of your dip.


  1. Raymond Gordon

    where is Ramada ranks

    1. boulidard

      We just added it on the listing here! Thank you for the information 😉

  2. Mohamed Abdelwahab

    I went to cowne plaza last September and it was great. You should consider it..

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